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Transforming how brands and consumers can communicate and connect

We now live and shop in a post pandemic economy. Consumers are changing the way they shop. The right technology can give your customers the power to decide what they want to see, when they want to see it, how they want to see it, and how they want to interact with brands. Consumers want to get more privacy and better control while subscribing to and shopping with brands.

SyenApp is the world’s first consumer-controlled marketing and shopping platform for everyone. We’re on a mission to give consumers more control over their data and how it’s used to power better marketing and shopping experiences. Our platform enables consumers to connect with the brands they love and shop the products they want, while also giving them the power to control how their data is used. We believe that consumers should be in charge of their own data, and we’re working hard to make that a reality.

We’re committed to giving consumers the power they need to make informed decisions about their online experiences, and we’re changing the way the Internet shopping works, one community at a time. Our unique platform provides access to a culture that transcends borders, connecting a growing number of brands, retailers and consumers into one trusted consumer channel. 

Our purpose is to build consumer technology & tools that are transparent, productive and generate wealth to daily online shoppers of the world.

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SyenApp at the Venture Summit Digital Connect 2022!

SyenApp at the Venture Summit Digital Connect 2022!

SyenApp is proud to present and is featured as one of the Top Innovators on the Seed Stage Track at the Venture Summit Digital Connect 2022 being held in San Francisco from March 29th to 31st, 2022.  The 7th Venture Summit is organized by young Startup Ventures and will be live-streamed online for all. It […]

SyenApp: 2021’s best coupon and discount app

SyenApp: 2021’s best coupon and discount app

An Atlanta entrepreneur produced the very first coupon in 1887 to encourage consumers to sample his new product, Coca-Cola. Since that day, coupons have had a significant impact on the actions of Americans. Little by little, the coupon system expanded all across the world.   Coupons were first given through magazines and newspapers and paper coupons are still available, […]

SyenApp – Internet’s only consumer controlled marketing platform

SyenApp – Internet’s only consumer controlled marketing platform

SyenApp has been featured on #StartupGrind’s medium blog, as one of the 11 Standout Startups. It has made its way into this splendid recognition by intelligently integrating technology to bring retailers & #consumers on a common platform. An interesting app that stores #promotions, #coupons, #deals, #orders, #receipts– all of these in one place with a […]